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About the founder

I am happy to have joined DBT of Charleston as current Owner/Director/DBT Therapist. ~2014

“Huge thank you to Carolyn Kelly, M.Ed., LPC- DBT Therapist for nearly 15 years of devoting her life’s work to helping people in the Charleston area build lives worth living, teaching them skills that help them want to live, with evidence-based Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) at DBT of Charleston. We are eternally grateful for her unwavering dedication in launching the 1st practice in Charleston to offer adherent to research-based DBT, with therapists who are trained directly by Marsha Linehan, PhD.- the DBT developer herself. Carolyn’s long-term ground work in developing DBT of Charleston has assured the continuation of this top quality science-based DBT program right here in the Lowcountry. We will greatly miss you in Charleston, Carolyn!!”

~Sarah Greenwood, M.A., LPC
Current Owner/Director/DBT Therapist

To learn more about our team or to participate in our program, please contact the current director and therapist Sarah at 843.224.7638.

Founder Background and Training

Founder Background and Training

Carolyn S. Kelly, M.Ed., LPC
Carolyn, a Licensed Professional Counselor, specializes in providing evidence-based treatment and has been successfully treating clients using DBT approach since 2000.  She is committed to adhering to the protocol of DBT as developed by Marsha Linehan, Ph.D.  She supervises and mentors her team to ensure this center adheres to DBT standards.

Carolyn’s journey in extensive DBT training began in 2000 when she attended 1-day and 2-day DBT Introduction Trainings, one of which was lead by Marsha Linehan herself.  In 2004, she attended and completed 10-day Intensive Training. Thus, she began her career as a DBT Therapist.

Carolyn’s continued DBT training includes:

~ 5-day Advanced Intensive Training taught by Marsha Linehan, Ph.D. & Shari Manning, Ph.D.,
   President/CEO of Behavioral Tech
~ Individual Psychotherapy & Skills Training in DBT
~ Treating the Multiple Disordered Suicidal Client
~ Treating Eating Disorders in DBT
~ Treating Substance Abuse in DBT
~ DBT Chain Analysis Training
~ DBT Validation Principles and Strategies
~ Behavior Therapy in DBT: Getting from Goals to Problems & From Problems to Treatment
~ Getting to the Heart of the Problem: Targeting Assessing & Solving Problem Behaviors

All trainings have been under the leadership of Behavioral Tech staff.  In addition, she continues her education by participating in regular supervision with Shari Manning, Ph.D.  Pre-DBT, she completed numerous trainings in individual and family counseling.

Carolyn is a member of the Association of Behavioral & Cognitive Therapists (ABCT).  She also attends the International Society of the Improvement & Teaching of Dialectical Therapy (ISITDBT) yearly keep current with new research and education regarding DBT.

To learn more about our team or to participate in our program, please contact the current director and therapist Sarah at 843.224.7638.